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About Us

About Us

Since 2012 we started in Istanbul, and in order to give life a new distinctive taste, we started working in the field of pastry and the production of beta-bake the famous Chips beta and French Chips baguette and distributed all around the Istanbul European and Asian. In this regard, and in a short time we were on the list of the first companies in Turkey due to what we have made of the finest pastry that suits Turkish high-taste. According to the usage of the best of modern technologies in this area and the presence of an integrated team, we were able to meet all the desires of our customers and provide the best services at the lowest cost and high quality.


Our company vision is embodied by ongoing convoying and renew the infrastructure of what our part of modern technologies and continuous development of the projects that meet the needs of the community to be a leading brand in the field of pastry production in general.

Our principles

  • Work to be the best
  • change and innovation is the basis of our work
  • Confidence
  • share mutual respect


Our mission is to provide our customers the best products with high quality and competitive prices and building close relationships with them, and our approach based on the high growth potential and competitiveness take into cosıderatıon the health and safety of the consumer being a social responsibility and promote respect for our existence and place in society.

Our motto

Healthy food healthy life

Our main goal is human health, so we work hard to introduce our products 100% natural to keep consumer’s health and safety is always the goal that we are seeking for through offering a healthy food

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