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The Croosan and the Ottoman caliphate

When I put in front of croissants… Delicious, I go back to my memory for more than twenty years ago, when I completed my postgraduate studies in one European country, my little boy once returned from school angry cumulonimbus the face bewildered!! The words were retained in his mouth and he could not utter and when I noticed all those divergent emotions on his face.

Hey, I got it. I know a reason for that, and if it comes out of his school bag, the book of Reading and hands me open on a page telling the story of a croissant label in his name. He asked me seriously to read the subject, and strange one read!! The topic begins with a historical narrative showing how the Ottomans invaded Europe and that they had marched westward to the walls of Vienna, the current capital of Austria, and had eluded them for their glory and immunity and prolonged the blockade in vain, so that the Ottoman conquerors thought of another way to seize the city and to enter it From underground, through a tunnel they dig, they go over the city wall obstacle, and they started to execute and the pits lasted day and night until the Ottomans almost succeeded in their plan.

And unless it was taken into account, the drilling coincided one night as he approached the city’s bakery where there was an Austrian baker working at night in his bakery to make bread ready in the morning for the people of his city, he noticed that Baker amid his calm tonight a strange unusual voice, heard a regular and stable in the underground soon Where he sits in his hole in front of his flaming furnace, he thought that it would be a constant click in the Hollow of the night and in the Hollow of the Earth. His leaders questioned major fears, summoned him and went to the governor of the city and briefed him on the matter, the Governor and experts attended to clarify the news.

After further learning that the Ottomans were digging an underground tunnel, the governor’s plan was to leave the Ottomans until they dug and the ruler and those with him were ready to surprise them when they reached the surface of the earth and then they would destroy them and so on. The people of Vienna did what they wanted and were able to defeat the Ottomans and break their fork. It was an awful defeat in which most of the Ottoman army was annihilated and large numbers were captured and their dreams shattered on the walls of Vienna. When the people of the city wanted to celebrate the great victory, and to honor the man who in their view was the credit for the victory, they wanted to honor the size of the victory and the Baker wanted to go to his profession or end the honoring by the end of the festival and the parting of all. He wanted to be honored always and continuously over the days and times so that the people of his city would not forget the role of Baker in that great victory, asking the governor’s approval to allow him to make bread on the crescent, a metaphor for the slogan of their enemy, eaten daily by the people of the city, to remember with the radiance every day they nibbles the crescent symbol Eight and their motto. Did you know my beloved brother what do you eat every day? The word Croissant in French means Hilal.


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